Symposium e-CARDIOLOGY 2012

LogoKardioe-CardiologyHotel Osijek, Osijek, Croatia - March 15-17, 2012

Symposium co-organized by the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on e-Cardiology and the Croatian Cardiac Society.


Oral presentations - 16th March 2012

Uvod / Introduction



1 - Enno van der Velde (NL) - Applications in telecardiology



2- Catherine Chronaki (GR) - Health Information Technology (HIT) standards in telecardiology



3- Marek Malik (UK) - Noninvasive cardiac risk stratification



4- Georg Schmidt (DE) - Cardio-respiratory dynamics


5- Niek van der Putten (NL) - Electrocardiographic criteria for predicting the culprit artery in patients with acute myocardial infarction



6- Robert Steiner (HR) - Interventional cardiology - "state of the art"



7- Robert Bernat (HR) - Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: from preprocedural imaging techniques, through 3D navigation to follow-up monitoring



8- Philippe Chevalier (FR) - A new multimodal approach to evaluate the risk of sudden death



9- Nico Bruining (NL) - Intracoronary imaging



10 - Davor Miličić (HR) - Automated quantification of Doppler traces - can it provide additional data on ventricular function?



11- Jadranka Šeparović-Hanževački (HR) - Deformation imaging (strain and strain-rate imaging)



12- Enrico Caiani (IT) - 3D echocardiographic image processing and modelling



14 - Alberto Macerata (IT) - Computational approach for the study of cardiorespiratory synchronization



15- Guy Carrault (FR) - Knowledge discovery and predictive models in cardiology



16- Dragan Gamberger (HR) - Conceptualization of medical knowledge for heart failure management: HEARTFAID project



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