Working Group Extra Nucleus Meeting „Computers in Cardiology” Barcelona, 25th - 27th March 2011

From 25th to 27th March 2011 the third European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Working Group (WG) "Computers in Cardiology" (CinC) Extra Nucleus Meeting was held in Barcelona. All ten members of the Nucleus and Ms. Celine Serio, the ESC coordinator, participated in it.

At the meeting, the WG Chairman, Dr Enno van der Velde, FESC (Netherlands) presented the work report during the previous period since the last ESC Congress. It was decided that the first day would be dedicated to organizational issues and the second day would be dedicated to scientific segment. Afterwards, Ms Serio presented a detailed report on changes in the organizational structure and organization of ESC and a potential aid aimed at better functioning of the WG. In respect of organization of the symposium, ESC can give advisory help, especially for the selection of the location, control of contracts between organizers and sponsors, on-line registration of symposium and conference participants, promotional activities and communication among the members and colleagues who are not the WG members and certain financial aid. It was followed by a brief overview of the recently held ESC Spring Summit 2011.

Work Group Nucleus Meeting „Computers in Cardiology” Barcelona, 28th – 29th March 2010

On 28th and 29th March 2010 the second Working Group (WG) Extra Nucleus Meeting was held in Barcelona "Computers in Cardiology" of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The meeting was attended by nine Nucleus members whereas Prof. Guy Carrault from France and former President of the WG Prof. Martin Hoher from Germany were absent for justified reasons.

The meeting was held in working and friendly atmosphere of the members who know each other very well and who cooperate well1-4. Dr. Nico Bruining, FESC, the WG President, invasive Cardiologist from the Erasmus/Thorax center from Rotterdam has at the meeting submitted a report of work for the last period since the last ECS congress. He announced two accepted symposiums that will be held under auspices of WG during ESC congress in Stockholm in September this year: "Challenges in Modern Angiography" by the proposer Dr Nico Bruining and Dr Niek H. van der Putten, IT Engineer from Erasmus/Thorax center from Rotterdam and "Cardiac Risk Stratification" by the proposer Prof. Mareka Malik, FESC from Surrey, Great Britain, „Vice-president-elect". The participation and support to scientific symposiums and conferences was discussed with other WGs and societies. It was confirmed that our WG will participate in the scientific program that will be held during EuroPCR, EuroPace, EuroEcho, EHRA (especially in „e-Health Summit" and „Imaging Policy Conference"), Neurocard, ISHNE Winter meeting and New Echocardiographic and Biomedical Engineering Approaches for Mitral Valve Prolapse Assessment and Surgery: The Surgaid Project5.

Extra Nucleus meeting “WG Computers in Cardiology”, European Society of Cardiology

The first extra Nucleus meeting of the Working Group (WG) "Computers in Cardiology" of the European Society of Cardiology was held in Barcelona from 17th to 18th May 2009.

9 members of the Nucleus and Mrs. Celine Serio from the WG Office of the European Heart House from Sophia Antipolis attended the meeting (justified absence of Prof. P. Chavalier from Lyon).

The meeting was held in a pleasant working atmosphere. The president of the WG, Nico Bruining, PhD, the invasive cardiologist from the Erasmus/Thorax Center in Rotterdam, has submitted the annual work report of the previous period. He has announced two symposiums which will be organized by the WG during the ESC Congress in Barcelona in September this year: "Heart rate turbulence" and "New developments in telecardiology". He has also announced joint symposiums with some other work groups which will be held during the EuroPCR, EuroPace and EuroEcho conferences later this year. The initiative for better cooperation between related WG and organization of joint symposiums at conventions and conferences organized by ESC was endorsed.


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